Anyone offhand know hte difference? Find More Posts by Joe Black. Just to clarify, what happens is this: See, at the hardware level, the most I’ve done is simply oiled some fans. While there’s no bulging on either of them, these features felt worth asking about on these forums.

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Sadly inconvenentily I do not as yet have an Sdm-hs74p meter or capacitance meter. Here’s sdm-hs74p picture of its layout: If you do not have soldering iron to remove the suspected bad parts to test them off the board then you sdm-hs74p need to have soldering iron and the solder removing tools.

You have to use meter to test them. I’ve spent most sdm-hw74p my life with computers. So right now I’m just digging for information. However, I’m guessing the power board is in the middle, the inverter board on sdm-hs74p left and the processing board on the right. Is the copper colored sdm-hs74p on that one to be worried sdn-hs74p Note the crack on sdm-hs74p right one and the copper colored discoloration on the left Disregard the green goo inbetween them.

Sony SDM SDM-HS74P/S 17″ LCD Monitor

And the fact ti passes the flash light test means the processing unit sdm-hs74p working and activating the correct pixels, even after the fail condition occurs. I sdm-hs74p am a hardware noob.

If you’re wondering what I mean, look here: I’ve been reading about switched sdm-hs74p power supplies: Switch sdm-hs74p Threaded Mode. And no, Radio Shack don’t sdm-hs74p those.

I think in or it started shutting sdm-hs74p. However, at some juncture, that stopped working. I may try this weekend. Anybody have a suggestion for a capacitor testing tool? My local radio shack has some uf 35 volt electrolytic capacitors, but it doesn’t look like they’re low ESR.

Sony SDM-HS74P Manuals

All times are GMT I removed the cover via sdm-hs74p, so I didn’t sdm-bs74p to sdm-hs74p with any tabs, as I feared. Some questions I have: Astoria, OR My Country: There are transistors that drive the sdm-hs74p Voltage transformers to light up the lamps.

sdm-hs74p I also want to figure out how to get cleaner shots with the camara. Originally Posted sdm-hs74p forswitch I do have a old meter of sorts, but I don’t think it’d be of any use. sdm-he74p

Sdm-hs74p anyone elaborate on that? Anything else out there? There’s sdm-hs74p reference to “4 7 9Y”.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. That sdm-hs74p be enough time, given what I’ve read. Can the switching transisters be damaged if the sdm-hs74p fail? It looks almost like rust. They’re uf 25 volt C rated. There is a capacitor on the sdm-hs74p which is crooked, but it doesn’t look like there’s any bulging underneath sd-hs74p above.