Video rendering is not cycle accurate or accounting for all bus factors. ID Version Driver Category [? Debugger causing system emulation to not work correctly. Titles sequence doesn’t run, plus gfx glitches. Graphics corruption during Rainbow Screen.

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Values are incorrect for “Lives” dip switch. Regardless of slot installed, “tgui” hangs MAME.

第三研究所 所内売店 (グラフィック関連パーツ フロア)

From the third level, if you die, tgui9680 1 game hangs because the restart level is wrong. Helicopter shadow on the pcb is different from the one shown in Mame.

Graphical glitch in the ugliest screen of the game and maybe of all the videogames in Rocket Knight Adventures. In the game Abu Simbel Profanation, the character keeps jumping all the time after tugi9680 a game. tgui9680 1

All sets in vaportra. Display is not stable and flickers. Testing some demos on BBC Master ! Tgui9680 1 corruption during Rainbow Screen. Also the bottom there is a line that is missing.

All ingame sprites from Comando Tracer are flickering when moving. Debugger causing system emulation to not work correctly. Melody sound is missing in Pleiads M. Hundra gets stuck in a black screen after leaving main menu. After finishing the game, you can’t insert a coin with the keys assigned to coin 1 and 2. Some cheat commands are ignored using Lua cheat engine. Exception after tgyi9680 is displayed.

Major Assigned Pernod 44 minutes ago bbcm: Many tgui9680 1 in rohga. Unable to compile tinybuild with spectrum included due to microdrive-related error. Minor Closed Mar 10, hishouza: In this sets, tgui9680 1 be verified with actual pcb for fix tgui9680 1 samples.

PC-9801FA ネタ

Bugged inputs when 2 multi-tap inserted. Test Mode crash on TGP test. Game crashes after Game Tgui9680 1. Time Lord is unplayable upon level 1 start all regions. Judge Dredd all regions stops working after title screen. New nvram will cause a blasted sound on Get Ready screen at the beginning of the game. There is a bottom piece of a box that moves. Wrong Year Listed And Publisher?

Tgui9680 1 incorrectly “sliced” when Flip Screen ON. The input doesn’t work with some games after loading screen. Graphic corruption when switching to 60Hz from software. tgui9680 1

Background missing in the first boss tgui9680 1 and third stage. Scud Racer regression, now just a black screen on launch.

Missing 2P combo meter graphics. The sound effect of the van’s backdoor cuts off suddenly. High score and name entries are not initialized correctly. Music becomes glitchy at the 1st stage boss. In tgui9680 1 attract mode of Solar Assault Tfui9680, the title screen is obscured by the spacecraft. ID Version Driver Category [? Can’t save game data to disk. Corrupt background graphic M. tgui9680 1

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Some graphics disappear tgui9680 1 are not drawn at all. Graphic “strips” of corruption. Go into the secret hole and die in the cave, you restart in a totally black area and you can’t do anything.

There is some missing graphics pieces. Game stops on 1st screen, just keeps beeping like tgui9680 1 kinda alert. Unable to load from software lists or picker.

tgui9680 1 Titles sequence doesn’t run, plus gfx glitches. Software list does not work for floppy devices. Crew – player 1 coin slot not working. Video rendering is not cycle accurate or accounting for all bus factors.