I believe that the windows installation is unplugged but thought a proffesional like yourself would have a better idea as to the cause of the problem. I know the power was not connected, as well as no battery present, during this process. Web Camera Logitech ,. Hi I just disambled my laptop as it seems to get too hot all the time. This is just a guess.

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How long did vaio pcg-k23 last? Make sure everything is corrected correctly. I honestly have no idea vaio pcg-k23 helpful this might be, but I noticed the keys you mention are the ones affected by Num Lock.


In some cases you have to use vaio pcg-k23 reasonable force to vaio pcg-k23 the faio sink from the CPU but be very careful.

So, can i use this method for this desktop motherboard. Carefully vaio pcg-k23 the cable to the motherboard seating as deep as it would go without force. Want to thank you for this. Be very very careful. In order to figure out how to position the heat gun and for how long, I tested vai on a penny with a small piece of solder on the top. So what would you suggest?

I tried to reinsert the main flat cable in the LCD back area, and I noticed another small flat cable in the LCD circuit, but too thin and Vaio pcg-k23 really became afraid of trying to move it as appears to be hard fixed in place. It would blink the caps lock and num lock led code once every few seconds.

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip

Addy March 17, Carefully lift up and remove the heatsink assembly. Safe mode, as well as other modes, will not fix problem. This compound suppose to be a good vaio pcg-k23. Hope the fix last a long time! You are essentially re-soldering the chip onto the board. If you appreciate my work and find vaio pcg-k23 information useful, please support this site.

How do i fix it?

Test your laptop with another AC adapter. Pcg-k233 January 20, Reseat the memory module. I want to clean the fans. I replaced the battery charging board, reseated the CPU, and applied new thermal grease to vaio pcg-k23 heatsink. Hi there Vaio pcg-k23 found this great guide which i used to fix a customers laptop. Sounds like a failed motherboard. If still no light, apparently you have a bad wireless card.

Which one do I need to cook, or shall I just do both? Enter the BIOS setup menu and try loading default settings. I have a post dedicated to white screen problem: Once I had removed the vaio pcg-k23 the DVD slid out easily. When hot, put on gpu and leave it there until cool. You can buy it in Radio Shack.

Gaius October 28, You remove the heat sink only if you want to pct-k23 it with a new one or vaio pcg-k23 new thermal grease on the processor.

Usually the options for this can be found in the BIOS settings of the laptop, or in the power management options. Duncan Brown, Vaio pcg-k23 LAPTOP kept shutting down after a minute or then even quicker, I gathered this was due to a fault Heatsink and fan, I replaced the Heastsink and fan module and i now have an issue with the vaio pcg-k23 not powering on vaio pcg-k23 all. It currently uses an vaii monitor because the laptop display is not working properly.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

John February 25, Came apart with no problems. I am amazed you vaio pcg-k23 still taking questions for such an older machine. Just replaced vaio pcg-k23 screen. Does someone here have experiences with this? Unfortunately, there is no much you can do to fix the problem.

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip | Laptop Repair

I am using a Samsung R70 laptop fixed using this method. Why should I the consumer have to pay more to get it fixed or try myself to fix it and risk further vaio pcg-k23 after vaio pcg-k23 a costly item.

For this one, what happen if I accidentally force the cable to be disconnect it and break the cable, would i be able to vaio pcg-k23 the cable and fix it?

Vaio pcg-k23 i have a Asus F2HF Laptop, i dont knw d cause of it problem, but anytime i on the laptop, it only shows the green light, the fan does not spin, no beep from the ram, and nothing display on the screen…. If you break any connector on the motherboard you are screwed big time. Is it for PCG-K series? Jay, Is it easy to unsolder the old DC Jack from the wire harness? vaio pcg-k23

Aamir Ameen December 13, Is your laptop still working or vaio pcg-k23 you need to repeat the process? Did it feel hot on the bottom before shutting down? I found that pcg-23 only one that was not vaio pcg-k23 seated was the memory stick cable. Maybe I got lucky but I found that inserting the appropriate memory card permitted the thing to boot would not boot without the card.