Cons Needs better instructions and feature descriptions in menus and manual. If you want supersharp, clear images in very low light, this might not be the feature for you. That’s because there’s little of the distracting video noise that hampers lower-end cameras. This can be set for various effects as well, including taking a negative image. All the goodness of the Hero4 Black and Silver mixed in with a whole new bag of tricks.

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As with many compact camcorders, various connectivity ports, jvc gr-df550u DC, USB, and FireWire, are scattered in seemingly random fashion around the body.

The JVC GR-DF is a safe and reasonable choice for a midprice digital camcorder, especially if you want to get creative with the oddball effects. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your jvc gr-df550u to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Mvc with most camcorders, the still-image shooting leaves much to be desired. It might jvc gr-df550u be the absolute future of photography, but jvc gr-df550u point-and-shoot camera That’s because there’s little of the distracting video noise that hampers lower-end cameras.

Needless to say, you’ll need the manual to decipher many of these controls.

Perhaps that’s why video-clip recording must jvc gr-df550u engaged via the E-mail button–JVC knows you’ll be disappointed if you try to do anything else with such low-resolution clips. This can be set for various effects as well, including jvc gr-df550u a grdf550u image. Needs better instructions and feature descriptions in menus and manual. Any movement whatsoever results in blurred, unwatchable video. The GR-DF’s electronic image stabilization will delight some moviemakers and frustrate others.

What does it bring to the jvc gr-df550u table that you can’t find elsewhere? The camcorder has some interesting capabilities, but with such limited documentation and on-screen help, it wasn’t always easy to figure out how they work. One other problem was that in low lighting, the footage was fuzzy and lacked detail.

JVC GR-DF550 Camcorder – Silver

Compare the above products side by side in our comparison table. But any effort you have to put in is definitely worthwhile, as this camcorder can produce compelling results both indoors and out. View All 5 Photos in Gallery This becomes apparent from the moment you pick up the camcorder and jvvc note of its ho-hum design.

Pros Good jvc gr-df550u quality. The Good Impressive video quality for its class; gr-df550h low-light performance; top-loading cassette; simple onscreen interface; jvc gr-df550u video capture from analog devices; microphone input; wireless remote. Overall, jvc gr-df550u the GretagMacbeth color chart, we found vibrant colors and good color matching. Keep your jvc gr-df550u in view outdoors with a 2.


Gr-df550i Parameters Max Operating Temperature. JVC’s stereo microphone did an excellent job recording sound both in front of and behind the camera, but you have to take the term stereo with a grain of salt: At 15X optical zoom, the GR-DF provided adequate zoom range for jvc gr-df550u camera in its class, but we weren’t crazy about the power zoom lever, which sits atop jvc gr-df550u cassette portion on the side where you hold the camcorder.

But jvc gr-df550u not just the comfortable feel that makes the GR-DF a powerful performer.

You may also like. It starts up almost instantaneously; focuses quickly; and handles sudden exposure jvc gr-df550u, such as when you’re moving from indoors to outdoors, with minimal delay.


Camcorder Batteries for Ricoh GR. Speaking of low light, the GR-DF includes a backlight-compensation mode, dual LEDs for illuminating nearby subjects, and filters that JVC claims gr-df55u noise by as jvc gr-df550u as 30 percent. Jc NightAlive mode did indeed make nighttime come alive–as long as both the camera and jvc gr-df550u subject remained absolutely still.

Nothing significant, but the important elements vjc there: Because they’re hidden behind plastic doors that blend in almost seamlessly, they can be a bit tricky to spot. Alas, even novice users will have to become somewhat adept if they want ggr-df550u make sense of the GR-DF’s complex controls, which aren’t adequately explained by the anemic instruction manual.

Thankfully, the jvc gr-df550u onscreen menus are relatively easy to access and navigate, with only one sub-branch for each of the nine main sections. Even so, this is one diminutive camcorder, jvc gr-df550u just a jvc gr-df550u more than a pound with battery and tape and measuring roughly 3 by 2. Shift even slightly, however, and the EIS moves sharply to catch up to your new position. We saw lots of noise in the images, and there’s no flash for low-light shooting. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

JVC GR-DF Camcorder | eBay

To compensate for the low light, the camera captures scenes in a spooky jvc gr-df550u such that images contain light trails in choppy slow motion. We were intrigued by the camcorder’s Live Slow option, which lets you record slow-motion video while capturing real-time audio, but its implementation makes no sense; jvc gr-df550u records or plays back only 1.

The structure of the menu is functional and fairly easy to navigate, although we’d like to see brief descriptions of various features on the LCD when scrolling through the menus. Jvc gr-df550u felt jvc gr-df550u pulling and pushing of this lever didn’t provide the most accurate method of zooming. Outside shots looked particularly dazzling, though the camcorder fared well jvc gr-df550u, too. Only low-light environments tripped it up, which isn’t uncommon among camcorders in this class.

Its EZ grip design puts total control in the palm of your hand.

Actually, the GR-DF did quite well in Auto mode, but when we activated its LED lights to better illuminate the surroundings, the autofocus seemed to have difficulty locking in, and previously smooth pans became jerky. We were disappointed to see that shooting in Auto mode prevents you from accessing the menu, so if you want to shoot in low-light situations and use the camera’s Night Alive mode, you’ll need jvc gr-df550u switch to Manual.

Part of the problem jvc gr-df550u in labeling; one jvc gr-df550u is marked E-mail on top and Index below, while another is marked SEL and Store. JVC honors its promise to keep noise levels to a minimum, though we wouldn’t say the GR-DF abolishes noise altogether.