To change it specify: This line redirects com1 port from terminal, it will be named com25 on server. Username, password and server address: Terminal features, parameters and their descriptions. Troubleshooting When an USB composite device, such as a keyboard with an embbeded smart card, is plugged, only one USB device is functionnal. If applications have to deal with these two variants, it can cause errors.

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This is the initial driver version. Size no more than selcted terminal screen resolution. For each printer specify how it connected to terminal.

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Size should be no more than x To set another key ge,pc specify in configuration file: Protocol is specified only usv. Gempc usb sl order to redirect sound to terminal specify in configuration file: You may tell terminal not to ask for smartcard PIN, if smartcard is not used for login: Then terminal will try to connect to each server from the list. Parameter sound It’s possible to redirect sound from server to terminal gempc usb sl card.

Not all devices work.

Gempc usb sl using disk parameter RDP protocol is used for redirection. Gemlc recommend to use this value.

About printer drivers installation on the server read at this article. To generate password hash use WTware graphic configurator.

Readme for USB CCID PC/SC driver for Windows CE 4.x And 5.0.

To redirect such device with USB interface specify in configuration file: It is configured so: More secure to store al configuration file password hash.

This line gempc usb sl com1 port from terminal, it will be named com25 on server.

We added to WTware distributive profile chprf. Use Windows group policy or special software for such restrictions. This parameter specifies number of hours till next automatic VLC restart. See the touchscreen configuration manual.

Here’s the manual about local Chromium. Specify on configuration file: You may add more contects for some terminals.

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The driver is only provided for x86 platform. The same as mstsc. Timeout is specified in minutes. Such line in configuration file allows to manage terminal from any other computer: Messages and menu items in Chrome will be written in this language: Allowed latin letters and digits.

Parameter syslog Terminal can send all log events to syslog server gempc usb sl UDP gempc usb sl port To run Chromium on terminal without connection to terminal server specify in configuration file: The values you won’t set user will have to specify in login window.

Examples of shell usage: Gempc usb sl advanced programs require COM-ports’ names for different terminals to be unique. In policies you can allow start of any program: It threatens your computer infrastructure security. Don’t allow users to access terminal disks without extreme necessity.