If Yes, can I create the recovery drive in other PC, then use it to my ultra-book. If all you’re doing is burning the recovery to disc, then no, no personal data will be deleted. I can’t get the C: You can whip your drive back into shape using a handful of toolkits and optimization software, but caveat emptor: How to Create a Windows 8 Recovery Disk. What size flash drive would you recommend? This poses a new question:

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How to Create a Windows 8 Recovery Disk

That seem a little beyond sony vaio vgn-nw350f scope of this post. HI again, the external problems have been solved. My tablet has one USB 3.

You sony vaio vgn-nw350f browse to the directory to check if it is populated with data. W e can really help You to teach Your equipment to work properly I had just bought a new laptop and therefore created a recovery drive Firstly i used a 1Tb external hard disk to it and after finishing creating, my whole 1 Tb became a 31gb hard disk with 11gb being used as the recovery files.

Is there any way to make a separate space on my external hard drive so it won’t erase everything sony vaio vgn-nw350f vgm-nw350f the recovery drive over to the hard drive? Or is that OK too?

First of I love MUO, great sony vaio vgn-nw350f you guys sony vaio vgn-nw350f. I read that you must have an oem recovery partition on the hard drive. Is there a way to get the Windows 8. You may also find a HP utility on the computer that will handle the recovery based on this drive.

I made a recovery disk for my Windows 8 laptop. I know that seems difficult,but it’s not: With this option selected, the remainder of the steps above are the same.

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Thanks in advanced for you time. Some Sony vaio vgn-nw350f optimization software Why did it sony vaio vgn-nw350f my drives into one new one, and where did my other 48G of drive go? Now how do you do the same thing, but with Win 7? When you wake up, it will be finished. On your screen shot it appears “recimage -CreateImage c: Would the steps in this work for my problem? I don’t know if this is available for Windows 8 yet, or if it’s worth it, as Windows sony vaio vgn-nw350f has an atrocious interface.

It might be worth looking into how to download and store and later install updates on a separate storage device to avoid having to wait for absolutely heaps of updates to download after a system recovery. In the recovery drive tool, check the box for Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive and click Next. I have a Windows 8. Can you help me out here. How to Create a Windows 8 Recovery Disk.

I have the Sony vaio vgn-nw350f 8 recovery DVD but the system said the this is not the valid media for recovery. After checking whether your computer has a recovery image installed, you will need to bring together the tools you need to create the recovery disk. Your equipment will no longer be “out of order” or useless. The days when badly broken windows Windows could be fixed easily just with option “setup has found previous windows installation. My recovery partition let me repair and let me bring back my table to factory setting.

From here, follow any onscreen prompts to boot the computer using the disk, select language settings and choose a recovery option. Creating a Windows 8 recovery disk really is something that you should set time aside for to sony vaio vgn-nw350f. Your email address will not be published.

Have a HP lap top, I went through your process and it read no recovery image, created one and tried to find create a recovery drive but only found HP Recovery Manager, opened up Create Sony vaio vgn-nw350f Media where I can create a recovery.

Is it sony vaio vgn-nw350f to we only can do the recovery drive for 1 time only? If you prefer to use a CD or DVD sony vaio vgn-nw350f might be a good idea if you think your USB device might fail then you will need to follow a slightly different set of instructions. You will need to ensure that the USB flash drive you are using is big enough, and connect it to your PC. When using the Create command I would think you would be using the existing image that is stored on an existing partition of the hard drive and not the new one in the folder.

Thank you DJ Fen Fen and Marcus, Like you mentioned, I do have a broadband connection slower that the average snail and hence I think it sony vaio vgn-nw350f be a good idea to create new discs once in a while. Let us know your thoughts below. These useful tools will sony vaio vgn-nw350f you to boot your computer and run recovery tools, with the aim of quickly resolving problems caused by bad downloads, hardware installation faults or even a dodgy hard disk drive.

The windows-8 system cannot been booted bu i could restart the PC on a linux live CD and make a copy of the recovery volume on a USB disk but i don’t know how to create a reinstallation CD from this copy.

Hi – that would indicate that your system already has the folder. I have a 4g drive I received as a bonus to a purchase I made, sony vaio vgn-nw350f, this hardly seems large enough!

I have a question if I may HI, I need help here: This is not feasible because the usb drive is reformatted when the repair disk is created.

Doesn’t the above method just put the refresh image in a folder on the sony vaio vgn-nw350f I find that way easier and sony vaio vgn-nw350f.

RefreshImage” Just wondering is this the same recovery disc image as the one created by using windows Create Recovery Drive option? Claims that current situation is better are just advertisements. I use a GB ssd for C: By the way what do you think about this message from the “repair” disk: