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Journal of Ethnopharmacology Volume15 FebruaryPages Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. There is no THP notified in Anvisa’s system yet. There are plant species licensed as active in HM in Brazil, 39 of which are native, adapted or cultivated. A new legislation for herbal products licensing, which divides the products into two categories, Herbal Medicine HM farmacognosia da planta ao medicamento pdf download Traditional Herbal Product THP was launched in Brazil focusing on traditional use, as well as a law regulating the use of biodiversity and traditional knowledge.

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It is expected that the data obtained, together with the changes promoted in sanitary and environmental rules, will help to develop and regulate HMP chain in Brazil. Conclusions There are few licensed HM in Farmacognosia da planta ao medicamento pdf download, and this number has been decreasing in recent years. The data obtained were compared with two surveys previously published. Abstract Ethnopharmacological relevance the herbal medicinal products HMP market is expanding in the world, an expansion that has not occurred in Brazil when considering the number of licensed products.

The study details the herbal medicines licensed in Brazil, the Brazilian market of herbal medicines and how the new Brazilian legislation based on traditional knowledge is intended to increase the Brazilian market for herbal farmacognoia. Graphical abstract Download high-res image KB Download full-size image.

The article includes tables with plant species that have derivatives licensed as simple and combined HM, their therapeutic classification, the native plant species indication and the distribution of the companies by Brazilian regions.

Aim of the study to evaluate the situation of HMP licensed in Brazil and to make a comparison with the data obtained in anddiscussing the evolution of the licensed faemacognosia and the possible impacts of the new legislation.

The most licensed plant species is Mikania glomerata Spreng. The authors declare that the study was permormed according to the international, national and institutional rules considering animal experiments, clinical studies and biodiversity rights. Download high-res image KB Download full-size image. farmackgnosia

There are HM classified as nonprescription OTCwhile are sold under prescription, one of them with prescription retention. OTC Over the Counter. Despite being a megadiverse country, the number of HMP licensed in Brazil is small, and the number of HMP obtained from native species is even smaller. Recommended articles Citing articles 0. There are few licensed HM farmacognosi Brazil, and this number has been decreasing in recent years.