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Its like you read my mind! But I would suggest invest weeks in brushing up basics. Firstly, prepare yourself well. June 9, at 1: No links as such for reference…googling around would suffice.

You can find it here: Also, keep in touch with Job consultants from Naukri,etc. What crack the coding interview pdf download I do to make improvement on that part. November 16, at 2: If all goes well i will get amazon interview chance with in 2 months. June 30, at 8: June 26, at 9: Make sure you cover everything in plan from basics to advanced.

Make sure you know about your projects well enough. January 6, at 2: Check few other websites and try to see, how you deal with entirely new problem.

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Can you advise me something specifically about Amazon as I consider it my dream company? Well, details related to. Designing automation frameworks, how they work? This translates into a total of as many asfootballers and experts.

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I will let u know some topics you should focus on. Thanks a lot, I was tge much worried about the scope as the problem solving questions were never ending when I saw them on various sites. What you suggest to me to do to crack this interview? Follow us on Instagram mr.

Also, you usually have to write functions and not expected to write complete program from scratch no need of main functions. For the past 5 months I am preparing for interview. But in this effort they end up using advanced datastructures where things could have been easily done with simple ones.

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If codinf have done all problems from geeksForgeeks, I hope you might have learned on how to approach a problem. I saw an earlier comment about the same. May 15, at 2: I crack the coding interview pdf download practicing questions from niterview and have warmed up myself and gotten comfortable with certain basic topics such as arrays, linked list, stack, queues, trees etc. March 12, at 9: Its a common misconception that every question will involve advanced data structures. Will it be quite easy?

Many people have asked about OS related materal.

Hey Thanks for providing the info. Choose language which you are comfortable in, to code, you dowwnload not want to spend time in syntax error.

DS and algo ofcourse needed. Why you want leave infosys 6 months?