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License Plate Lamps To replace the back up or license plate lamps, use the following procedure: Slide the rear of the cushion up and under the seatback so the rear locating guides hook into the wire loops on the back frame. The side impact air bag for the driver and the person seated directly behind the driver is in the ceiling above the side windows.

Always clean the brake fluid reservoir cap and the area around the cap before removing it.

If you slide the lever all the way toward the symbol past the resistance point, the interior lamps will come on. Then keep turning the pressure cap slowly, and the coolant surge tank pressure cap when the cooling remove it. And, if you leave the vehicle with the engine running, it could overheat and even catch fire.

Page 60 Tilt the latch plate to adjust the belt if needed. LO, HI and off. Copyright information Digital Point modules: Rust or dirt on the wheel, or on the parts to which it is fastened, can make the wheel nuts become loose after a time. Let up on the brake pedal.

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To change the mode using the Navigation system, do the following: This is normal for any remote keyless entry system. Replacement Bulbs For any bulb not listed here contact your dealer. Some booster seats have a shoulder belt positioner, and some high back booster seats have a five booster seat can also help a child to see out the window. Stay away from the engine if you see or hear steam coming from it. Every manual is written by a team of writers, mechanics and photographers. A person who consumes food just before or during drinking will have a somewhat lower BAC level.

Gepair to the windshield caused by an empty wiper blade arm is not covered by your warranty. Do not use any oil which does not carry this starburst symbol. You can ask your dealer for our trailering information or advice, or you can write us at: To activate program types, perform the following steps: Scheduled Maintenance 30, Miles 50 km Replace passenger compartment air filter.

This manual is published by GM, This is the shift pattern for your vehicle. Have your vehicle in good shape for winter.

When the HomeLink indicator light begins to blink slowly this may take up to 30 secondshold the hand held transmitter about 1 to 3 inches 3 to 8 cm away from HomeLink and then press and hold the transmit button on the hand held transmitter. Dolly Repajr Your vehicle can be towed using a dolly. A single chime will sound when this message is displayed.

Judgment Muscular Coordination Vision Your hearing can adapt to higher volumes of sound. An indicator light will begin to flash when the motor head unit enters the training mode. Enter the Personalization menu following the instructions listed previously. Use this button to access the Vehicle Information menu that provides the status of various vehicle systems.

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Windshield Wipers The lever on the right side of the steering column operates the windshield wipers. If the light diwnload not come on, the bulb may be burned out. Sustained high temperature can cause the material of the tire to degenerate and reduce tire life, and excessive temperature can lead to sudden tire failure.

You or others could be injured and property could be damaged. From inside repai vehicle, roll down the window, then get out of the vehicle, keeping the door open.


To release the parking brake, pull the release lever located to the left of the steering wheel on the instrument panel. The Plan supplements your new vehicle warranties. To record a message, press this button and begin speaking.

If you select this item, the current outside temperature is displayed at the top of the screen. Rear Safety Belt Comfort Guides for Children and Small Adults Rear shoulder belt comfort guides will provide added safety belt comfort for older children who have outgrown booster seats and for small adults.

A computer senses that wheels are slowing down.